• X250 AQUA Taitanium Roller

    • X250 AQUA Taitanium Roller
    • $150.00

      The Ultimate in Health Massage and Pain Relief. – Smooth lymphatic flow – Tighter skin to relieve lines – Relaxed muscles, relieve tension and pain – Promote circulation and reduce swelling

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    Treat yourself to a bright and clear face with lymphatic massage.

    Worried about the firmness of your skin or lines on the neck? Just 3 minutes a day lymphatic massage using the Titan roller, can firm skin and ease lines.

    Stimulating the skin improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, carrying the oxygen and nutrients skin needs to remain firm and elastic, and helps remove any excess fluid.

    Use with Phiten AquaGold cream or gel, or your favourite skin care product, to enhance the effectiveness and permeation of the beauty care product.

    e-water massage lotion and massage roller

    Stimulate lymphatic drainage, relieve fatigue, tension and pain in muscles and moisturise skin, using e-water massage lotion (optional), with Aqua Gold and aging care ingredients, in conjunction with your Titan Roller.

    All parts of the body can be addressed with massage and acupressure using the Titan Roller. Come with instruction on how to use on key parts of the body; neck, shoulders, arms, feet and legs.

    Neck, Shoulder and Arms
    Suffering from stiff shoulders? Fatigue in arms? Skin pouch under arms? Try regular massage and acupressure on the channel (carrying blood vessels, lymph and nerves) connecting the jaw to the body, and on the arms from wrist to armpit / shoulder.

    Feet and Legs
    Legs are our “second heart” and the half-way points for blood and lympth and need to be treated carefully as such important parts of the body. Conditions such as tired, cramped or swollen legs or feet can be improved by regular use of the massage roller.

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