• AQUA Gold Wrist Band 1 pair

    • AQUA-Gold-Wrist-Band-1
    • $90.00

      A high quality wrist support featuring Phiten Aqua Titan technology, coupled with FIR Ceramic, providing mild support and compression and helping relieve and prevent pain.

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    In addition to being a high quality support, the Phiten support contains Aqua-Titanium to help ease tension and relieve muscular, tendon and joint pain in the wrist.  The support has been designed to match the shape and movement of the wrist with SP (special crochet) construction using high function fibres, including FIR (Far Infrared) Ceramic and provides:
    • FIR ceramic to convert the body’s natural heat into soothing infrared rays
    • Aqua metal fibre permeated with Aqua Titan to help bring wrist and surrounding soft tissue into a natural state of balance
    • A soft touch feel
    • Is moisture absorbing and quick drying
    • Wrist stabilisation
    • Special crochet to prevent uncomfortable slippage
    The supports are approx 18.5cm in length and come in two sizes, S-M and L-LL:
    • S-M is suitable for sizes 16cm to 21cm (measured around wrist)
    • L-LL is suitable for sizes 19cm to 24cm (measured around wrist)
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