• X30 Power Tape

    • X30 Power Tape 50pcs
    • $28.00

      Extra strong Power Tape patches to reduce muscle tension and pain in specific areas during and after exercise or when suffering from joint and muscle injuries. The strong water-proof adhesive means that they are perfect to be left on for up to 3 days.

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    With 30 times the titanium concentration of standard patches these are ideal for serious pain.
    The strong adhesiveness of the Power Tape patches means that they last and perform well even during rigorous activity or exercise. The Carbonized Titanium coating encourages muscles to relax and can be used on specific areas to relieve muscle tension or strain, aid injury prevention, and provide relief from discomfort in the knees, elbow or lower back. Also provides instant relief for tension in neck or shoulders. Apply before exercise to help prevent cramping or after to assist recovery. This pack contains 50 small discs.

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